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Un-Nappily in Love

Un-Nappily in Love

Venus is ecstatic about her husband’s new career as a movie star thanks to a role in a searing romantic drama with costar Sirena Lassiter. That is, until Venus learns Jake and Sirena’s relationship goes back further than Jake wants to admit. Venus isn’t happy when the new “It” team’s hectic promotion schedule takes them to exotic locations while she must stay behind with a business to run and a daughter to raise. However, it’s not long before Venus senses danger. When she receives advice from her one-time archenemy, Trevelle Doval, the queen of late-night evangelical television, Venus, in her trademark style, decides to save her marriage by any means necessary. But when the paparazzi get involved, all hell breaks loose. Will Venus be able to keep her man or has she lost Jake forever?

  • Another Black Author

    Trisha R. Thomas is the author of the highly acclaimed Nappily Series, best known for her debut novel Nappily Ever After (Random House).
    She’s a guest analyst on CNN speaking on self-esteem and beauty issues.

  • Type


  • Publisher

     St. Martin's Griffin

  • Publish Date

     May 25, 2010

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