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Clap Your Hands: A Celebration of Gospel

Clap Your Hands: A Celebration of Gospel

Clap Your Hands, created by the dynamic author and illustrator team of Toyomi Igus and Michele Wood,winners of the Coretta Scott King Award for I See the Rhythm, shares the African American history of gospel music that has courageously broken all color barriers, influencing both worship and popular culture in America for hundreds of years.  

This spellbinding blend of poetry, art, history, and music also includes a running timeline of all historical milestones—from the first slaves to President Obama’s inauguration. This powerful and poetic read bursts with vibrant artwork and is rich in personal notes and information to further any history buff or music enthusiast. Readers of all ages will be captivated by this informative and inspirational blend of poetry, art, and music that honors gospel music with its proper, influential due as reflected through the journey of African Americans.

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    Toyomi Igus has had a rich and varied writing and communications career. Born Toyomi Lynn Gibson in Iowa City, Iowa, the first child of four from her African American father and Japanese mother, she grew up in Buffalo, New York, and went on to college at Barnard College, Columbia University. After college Igus dove into consumer and trade magazine publishing as an acquiring editor and managing editor, and then on into academic book publishing, revamping and managing the publications unit of the Center for African American Studies at UCLA. Under her editorship, the press produced several books on the African diaspora, including Wilfred Cartey’s Whispers from the Caribbean, Trevor Purcells’ Banana Fallout: Class, Color and Culture Among West Indians in Costa Rica, and the final volume of St. Clair Drake’s Black Folk Here and There. While at UCLA, Igus co-wrote, edited and curated Life in a Day of Black L.A., a collection of photographs of contemporary African-American life by Southern Californian black photographers, a traveling exhibition and book

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    December 31, 2019

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